lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

An organized office?

Where to locate the office The choice of location is essential. Is preferred rather than passing through and away from the noise (when you work is important to calm). And if possible, a closed room.You must have sufficient natural lighting, and well ventilated. If you are unable to have a separate room, you can also put the Japanese curtains to separate the room, or movable partitions.


Tips for organizing the office: to order The biggest flaw is to have an office cluttered with useless papers, newspapers and magazines, many useful and varied. First stage, placing order. Throw the useless papers and orders the other classifiers or separators of different colors to use (bank, insurance, employment ...). You'll find them more easily. And get rid of your old newspapers. Save scissors, glue and pens in place. And limits post-it that burden then a workspace.


A central provision Ideally, in an office is that you are in the center of everything. Your seat has to be somehow the cockpit, if possible by turning on wheels. So arréglatelas to organize the office around that position. You have to reach the maximum of things not just have to move. This will serve to win a long time. 


Furnishings chooses to put the office The use of a special cabinet designed for the job can prove to be a wonderful benefit of space and time. Ideally, a table with drawers, because then you can arrange your affairs, holding them close to you. There must be room enough to place a computer and keyboard, and enough space to write. You can opt for a side table for the computer, furniture functional excellence. They are often designed to occupy minimal space, and have an area for the central processing unit (CPU), printer, scanner or floppy disks. Everything in its place is the best way to find it fast and have everything at your fingertips.


Think of the comfort and ergonomics Priority should be given to the notion of comfort in the preparation of your workspace.Sitting for a long time causes back pain, so it is good to invest in a comfortable chair, or a special computer designed specifically to preserve the body. Worry also by the position of the screen. Not too close, not to hurt the eyes, not too far, to avoid pleats.


Office: retains only the essential Do not miss out on the bench no more than necessary. Latest reports (save the other on a shelf or in a cabinet), the working tools used regularly, but the meter, you use it once a year, put it in the drawer. You will have a clear working space and therefore more enjoyable.


Caution with lighting and light sources Another important element: lighting. The nicest thing is to have a strong natural lighting. By default, uses a good enough light that illuminates the room, halogen. Be careful: do not put your office back to a window using a computer: it will be impossible to see the screen with the sun reflecting on it. Or provide blind.

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dos en la pasarela dijo...

qué fotos tan chulas.
para oficina yo prefiero los muebles en blanco!!!

Nati dijo...

Me encanta! Ojala yo pudiera mantener mi habitación así. jejje!

Pásate por mi blog si te apetece!

Un besito!
Peace & Love!
-Native' secret-

Stylelover dijo...

Hermosas fotos, me encanta el desorden cuidado =)
Por cierto, estoy de sorteo en mi blog, paste! me encantaría verte por ahí!

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jooo,q monada de fotos!!!!
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qué bonito queda!!



Anna dijo...

What an amazing post!
Love your blog sweetie.

Monday to Friday dijo...
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Monday to Friday dijo...

ummm, muy buenas ideas para el futuro :) ya que por ahora continuamos estudiando todas!

Nos ha gustado mucho tu blog! espero que a ti tambien te guste el nuestro!

te seguimos ya! besiños!

Beatrice dijo...

Gracias por los consejos! Lo tendré en cuenta!!! Yo soy bastante organizada y estas cosas me encantan, cuanto más ordenado esté todo mejor, y soy detallista...Tengo muchas ganas de hacer algún cambio en mi escritorio que lo tengo un poco sosillo!!

Nells dijo...

amazing pics!!!your blog is so stylish!i loved checking out your posts!
i follow you now on google!
i'd love it if u follow back!!
kisses from greece!